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Vision of CIC Dairies

 To be the leading nutrition provider to the nation in the domestic dairy sector


Mission of CIC Dairies                        


To process dairy milk, from our own farms and collect from our own out grower network of local small holder farmers, using state of the art technology and super hygienic conditions, in order to produce tasty & nutritious dairy products for Sri Lankan consumers and fulfill the nutrition requirements of the nation at an affordable price with a view of improving the rural living standards while securing the interest of the stakeholders.


Product Definition              


Supplier of healthy tasty nutrition to the nation




For children & adults who wants healthy dairy food at affordable prices, CIC Yoghurt made of more milk, delivers tastier nutrition at convenience.  



CIC Yoghurt

Rasa guna piri wedipura kiri


Special Characters of CIC Yoghurt



  • CIC Yoghurt is recognized as one of the best dairy product in the Sri Lankan Market because its of a high nutritive value, quality, taste and flavor.



  • Nutritional values of 80gm regular yoghurt cup



  • We use state of the art technology and stringent hygienic condition in the production at our Milk Processing Center (MPC). The use of Nano technology in the MPC ensures the hygienic conditions in production.  
  • The use of our own farm fresh milk and fresh milk collected from more than 4,000 out grower farmers who have been trained on dairy management technologies by CIC experts. We are proud to have the largest and systematic milk out grower small holder farmer network in the country. This is in line with the CIC Agri Business Group philosophy of uplifting rural living standards by enhancing farmer incomes.
  • We claim to have the best buffalo herd in Sri Lanka at our farm in Hingurakgoda. We are in the process of converting Siddapura and Muthuwella dairy farms to be model farms where farmers of the area will have the access to modern technologies.


  • Farmers are paid through an Easy Mobile Payment system (eZ Pay) to ensure a faster payments system.


  • We use high quality raw materials to ensure high quality which in on par with international standards.



  • We ensure that quality fresh milk is used for the production of yoghurt by using new improved Milk chilling centers scattered in the strategically selected milk belts of the country and transport to the MPC by specially designed milk bowsers.


  • Yoghurts are thematically sealed with 80 gram content with attractive labeling and marking safely packed in corrugated boxes with 36 yoghurts for easy transport and handling.


  • Finished products are handled through a well-established cold chain distribution system which is equipped with temperature fluctuation monitoring software systems that are used by the most advanced companies in the world.
  • Customers are provided a product with high nutrition at a reasonable price that could be enjoyed by all at any time. 

We are committed towards the protection of the environment, employee welfare and quality of the product. A new waste water treatment project helps us to protect our environment and safeguard the future of our children. We are in the process of obtaining HACCP certification for the processing operations. This certifies the commitment of the company to give the best quality products to the Sri Lankan consumers. Further, Halal certification too has been obtained.


We recruit employees from the area so that the rural community will get a better chance for employment. In the meantime, expertise is obtained from the industry in view of providing the best products.


In order to cater to the growing demand of CIC Yoghurt, the company is building a new milk processing center at Dambulla at cost of Rs 650 Mn. 

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