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Banana Cultivation Project – CIC Agri Businesses Ltd.


Produce good quality Banana & other fruits for export market to get maximum profit


The Banana (musa spp) is native to South East & South Asia & makes an important contribution to the international fruit industry in South East Asia. There is no other fruit in the world, which surpasses Banana & Plantains either in production tonnage or in trade volume in fresh form (FAO, 1995). From its center of origin in South East Asia, Banana was introduced to all tropical & subtropical regions of the world where it gained importance & popularity.

Banana is the prominent cultivation fruit in Sri Lanka & is about 54% lands are cultivated of the total fruit cultivation extent. At present, Banana productivity is about 13 Mt/Ha. But, this amount is very low as comparatively with major Banana growing countries of the world. However, this production can increase up to 45-50 Mt/Ha by using high yielding variety like “Cavendish” type(which has high demand in the world), practicing with good management system. Therefore, we have good opportunity to fill this productivity gap & potential to supply are high quality fruits for export market as well as domestic market.


On that situation, CIC Agribusiness was tied up with the worlds largest producer of fresh fruits & vegetables, DOLE Food Company to produce fruits in Sri Lanka with a view to export. Basically, Banana & Papaya are expected to export to Middle-east & to the other export countries by DOLE – CIC fruit export project.

Under this scheme, Cavendish Banana cultivated in Hingurakgoda 50 Ac & Pelwehera 30 Ac in the land belonging to the CIC Farms. Further, these cultivations are meant to be extended in to other parts of the country as well.

Now we are starting from mid June Export Banana in to the Middle East countries about one container per week by harvesting at Hingurakgoda Banana.

Expected plan to conduct

80 acre foretold land which belongs to the CIC at present, already utilized for the cultivation. It will be made into the nucleus farm. In future, our target will increase to export high quality Banana & it will about one container per day. It means we need to have found another 450 Ac from surrounding areas.

In the final stage, the project plan will be expanded as the farmers of surrounding areas will also be benefited by the project. At the beginning of the later part, farmers of the surrounding areas are selected and their quality fruit/products will be purchased to export and the farmers will be able to have needful facilities and services by the company.

According to the success of the project Agriculture Co-operative society will be established. Above mentioned society and BOI will come to an agreement in which the members of co-operative society (farmers) will be liable to sell their products to C.I.C. Therefore, by growing high quality Banana, Sri Lanka will be benefited to have foreign exchange as well as good income to the farmers.



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