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History & Achievements


It was in 1993 that ‘CIC Pohora’ made it’s mark following CIC’s acquisition of Ceylon Tobaccoa Company’s Fertilizer business. Since that day CIC Fertilizer has made steady progress and set the trend in the Fertilizer Industry through their innovative approaches and Products.

Beginning with a single blending plant at Kurunegala, CIC Fertilizers grew rapidly to have two more blending plants at Peliyagoda and Maho. In keeping with the Company’s culture of ‘Advancing with Technology’ the Plant at Kurunegala had all its operations computerized. In fact this was the first Fertilizer Blending plant to be computerized in the island. This was followed by obtaining the ISO 9000 certification –the Company was the first in the Fertilizer Industry to obtain this certification.

The opening of a customer designed blending complex at Peliyagoda was another pioneering venture Doyle International of USA, world famous manufacturers of Fertilizer blending equipment designed the integrated system and supplied the machinery for this complex.

The Computerized Blending coupled with a well-equipped laboratory with integrated quality control systems ensures the uniformity and accuracy of the blends. In addition our State of the Art Soil & Plant Laboratory at Pelwehera ensures that Soils and Plants are Analyzed and tailor made Fertilizers are recommended to Customers. In addition the modern concept of Balance Plant Nutrition and the introduction of Micro Nutrient Fertilizer and Products for Fertigation have helped the Company enjoy the edge over the Competition & emerge as the Market Leader in the Fertilizer Industry.

Following a strong presence of the brand name CIC Pohora in the late nineties the company began to market & provide all other inputs like Green Houses, Micro Irrigation Systems and Advisory Services required by the Farmers.

In 1998 the Company acquired Management control of the islands largest seed producing farm at Hingurakgoda (1350 Acres) and commenced the production of Seed Paddy. Following the successful management of the Hingurakgoda farm, another Government Seed Farm at Pelwehera (650 Acres) was acquired by CIC from the government of Sri Lanka. Today the Company produces over 1/3 rd of the Countries Seed Paddy in these two farms and through an Out grower programme that involves over 3,000 farmers in the area. Apart from Seed Paddy selected Vegetable & Fruit Seeds are also produced in these farms while most other Seeds are imported from reputed worldwide seed suppliers for the benefit of the Lankan farmers.

The Company also posses a state of the art Tissue Culture Laboratory that produces Banana, Potato micro tubers & other plants free from diseases for the local market.

2006 - Corporate Social Responsibility - Community Leader Awards - Received Silver Award -For contributing towards the upliftment of Rural Education Event Organized by the Sunday Times Newspaper & Chartered Institute of Management Accountants(CIMA)

2007 - Awarded Business Superbrand Status - For their contribution to improve the living standards of the farmer,improve the Rural Economy and Contribute towards the development of Sri Lankan Agriculture

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